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A Welcome To Grief Club: The Podcast With Addison Brasil

A Welcome To Grief Club: The Podcast With Addison Brasil 

What can I expect from Grief Club: The Podcast? Who is Addison Brasil? What can I expect from a friend who gets it? How will listening to this help me build grief resilience tools? Is this for real-life people experiencing real-life grief?

In this intro episode, host and author Addison Brasil lays out what we can expect from Grief Club: The Podcast, some of the “rules” of grief club, and a little of his own story.

This will be the only solo episode for now; tune in weekly to hear from friends and experts as Addison takes the ideas in his weekly grief experiments and uses them as a launching point for deeper conversations with other grief friends who get it.Visit www.mygriefclub.com

First Year of Grief Club: A Gift From A Friend Who Gets it is available on amazon worldwide.

Addison Brasil (keynote speaker, advocate, and author)  had no intention of becoming a disruptor in the mental health and grief space. While pursuing his dream of creating stories that connect people, events in his life forced Addison to focus his full attention on surviving trauma, compounded grief, and the various outcomes of finding himself as an LGTBQ-identifying male.

Addison shows up in the world as an active, committed mental health advocate after landing just to the left of death three times in his 20s: losing his brother to an inoperable brain tumor,, finding his father after suicide, and surviving a fatal accident that killed a dear friend and left him relearning to walk. He attributes his ability to not only survive but thrive with PTSD and compounded grief to the presence and proliferation of community and connections in his life.

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