Grief Club: The Podcast with Addison Brasil

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Inspired by his bestselling book, First Year of Grief Club: A Gift From A Friend Who Gets It, Addison Brasil uses the experiments and offerings as a launching point for deeper conversations with friends and experts. Equal parts “honour the journey” and “find the funny,” this is for real people navigating real-life grief. You in? Stay tuned for all things mental health, resilience, comedy, mindset, and life after-loss ideas. 

Special Guests will include Mary Frances O’Connor (Author of the Grieving Brain), Ashley Olivia Nelson (Learning About Grief), Chip Conley (Modern Elder Academy), Kayleigh O’Connor (Good Grief UK) and more. 

Episode 5: The Sleep Doctor Talks To Grief Club with Dr. Michael Breus

Does grief affect sleep? Will I ever sleep again? What is normal sleep? How can I sleep naturally? Why is it so hard to sleep since they died? How do I know if I am sleeping too much? What is a sleep chronotype? In this episode, we get a very special visit from Dr. Michael Breus a.k.a. The Sleep Doctor. For many of us, finding time to rest and getting quality sleep becomes an overwhelming concern during a life transition or while grieving the loss of a loved one. Today we talk all things sleep with the Doctor who knows it best.

Free Guided Grief and Loss Meditation (Bonus Episode)

In Episode 4, we were lucky enough to have Jason Henderson lead us through a meditation that we can use in grief club to slow down, align, and get grounded. Many members of Grief Club have been asking if there is a way to just have the free guided meditation as a bonus episode for those moments we need it most.Meditation has many benefits, and it can be hard to do alone when dealing with grief and loss. Here's a gift from a couple of friends "who get it."

Episode 4: Explaining Grief To Your (Inner) Child with Jason Henderson

How do you explain grief to a child? What is an inner child? How do I talk to my inner child about grief? Can I sit with my grief in meditation? Where can I find a free meditation right now? In this episode, Jason Henderson, Facilitator, and Co-Founder of The Boulder Man, leads us through a grief meditation we can go back to whenever we need it. Jason chats with us about your Inner Child and plants seeds for beginning to get to know yourself within loss and grief.

Mary Frances O'Connor Grief

Episode 3: The Science of Grief with Mary Frances O'Connor, PhD

You may be asking what is happening to my brain right now? What is the difference between grief and grieving? Why do I feel like my spouse or loved one is going to come home any minute? Will grief ever get any easier?In THE GRIEVING BRAIN: The Surprising Science of How We Learn from Love and Loss (HarperOne) renowned grief expert, neuroscientist, and psychologist Mary-Frances O’Connor, Ph.D., shares groundbreaking discoveries about what happens.

Episode 2: Finding Friends Who Get It with Ashley Olivia Nelson (Learning About Grief)

What can I learn about grief? Why is grief so lonely? Why does it feel like no one gets it? Where can I find other people struggling with grief? What are some grief learning resources for free In this episode, we speak to someone who gives me hope for social media and grief. A go-to friend who gets it is found in Ashley, founder of Learning About Grief.

Episode 1: A Welcome To Grief Club: The Podcast With Addison Brasil

In this intro episode, host and author Addison Brasil lays out what we can expect from Grief Club: The Podcast, some of the “rules” of grief club, and a little of his own story. This will be the only solo episode for now; tune in weekly to hear from friends and experts as Addison takes the ideas in his weekly grief experiments and uses them as a launching point for deeper conversations with other grief friends who get it.