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Inspired by his bestselling book, First Year of Grief Club: A Gift From A Friend Who Gets It, Addison Brasil uses the experiments and offerings as a launching point for deeper conversations with friends and experts. Equal parts “honour the journey” and “find the funny,” this is for real people navigating real-life grief. You in? Stay tuned for all things mental health, resilience, comedy, mindset, and life after-loss ideas. 

Special Guests will include Mary Frances O’Connor (Author of the Grieving Brain), Ashley Olivia Nelson (Learning About Grief), Chip Conley (Modern Elder Academy), Kayleigh O’Connor (Good Grief UK) and more. 

Episode 23: Finding Grief Support: When to Seek Professional Help & When to Turn to Peers with Mark Shelvock

In this episode, we will explore the different types of support available to those struggling with grief, loss, and mental health challenges. Mark will provide insights on when it is appropriate to seek professional help and when it is beneficial to turn to peers. We also discuss the importance of finding a mental health professional who can provide integrative psychotherapy that empowers the whole person - mind, body, and soul. Mark Shelvock is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, and a Certified Thanatologist with the Association for Death Education and Counselling.

Episode 22: Talking to a Therapist About Art, Music & Grief with Drew Newkirk

How can I honor the memory of a loved one? Can music and art help heal my grief? What does a psychotherapist say about grief? How can I find more ways to express myself? Why does music trigger my grief? What can we learn from grief and dealing with death? This week we have Drew Newkirk, NYC psychotherapist, and trusted voice, to discuss grief, remembering our loved ones in meaningful ways, and the power of music and art in healing.This week's episode is inspired by Week 17 in First Year of Grief Club where we take on the resilience experiment around carving out time to remember and honor a loved one by getting lost in music.

Episode 21: Notice and Nurture: How to Take Care of Yourself During Times of Grief with Joey Thurman

Today's episode begins with an open and honest check-in from host Addison Brasil, after returning from an intensive workshop retreat at Modern Elder Academy. Grief shows up unexpectedly, and Addison talks about being a forever student of loss and life. Next, we are thrilled to have Joey Thurman (Author of The Minimum Method) to talk about nurturing ourselves during grief, getting back in our bodies, and feeling healthy when all else feels wrong.

Episode 20: Trying To Sleep After Loss of a Loved One: Making Meaning of Grief Dreams with Dr. Joshua Black

Why do I have so many dreams since I lost a loved one? What do my dreams mean? Why do I have recurring dreams about someone who's died? Is there a doctor who studies dreams? Can you gain meaning from dreams? What are ways to process dreams for healing? This week we dive into a conversation about life, loss, grief and grief dreams with one of the leading academic researchers on the topic, Dr. Joshua Black along. This epsiode inspired by Week 15 in First Year of Grief Club. If you want to learn more about sleep specifically, check out our earlier episode with The Sleep Doctor, Dr. Micheal Breus.

Episode 19: Grief Bargaining and Internal Family Systems Coaching: Exploring the Healing Process with Dr. Erin M. Baker

On this week's episode we have friend and guest expert Dr. Erin Baker, Author of Joy-Full, to talk about bargaining in grief. Erin also walks Addison through a deep check in through the IFS lens to give listeners a look into what IFS coaching work might be life. This episode dives deep and left Addison with a vulnerability hangover but we made no edits. This episode is inspired by Week 14 in First Year of Grief Club which focuses on Bargaining. The experiment this week, verbally or in writing, say out loud or put to paper those wild bargains you would like to make with yourself, with your greater force, with your family, your job, your past loves.

Episode 18: Transforming Grief and Rage into Purpose: A New Perspective with Kay Scorah

This week episode kicks off with a question from Grief Club about the 5 Stages of grief and where we can find new resources about grief and loss? I point us to an information packed episode of The Huberman Lab called The Science and Process of Healing from Grief with Andrew Huberman. https://hubermanlab.com/the-science-and-process-of-healing-from-grief/ Then we hop into a conversation inspired by Week 13 in First Year of Grief Club with Kay Scorah. We talk all about RAGE and how a guided conversation at Modern Elder Academy inspired a grief resilience experiment that changed my perspective on the power of listening to ourselves. This episode is all about Unlocking the Potential of Grief and Rage: A Guide to Finding Focus and Purpose after loss or major life changes. Kay Scorah shows up in the world as an expert facilitator, researcher, speaker, performer, yoga teacher, biochemist and monkey wrangler.

Episode 17: Honouring Loss: A Compilation of Grief Quotes & Expert Advice on Checking in

A powerful look at navigating grief with insights from experts in manageable bites, that have become some of my favorite new grief quotes. Mary Frances O'Connor (The Grieving Brain) talks grief vs. grieving. Ashley Olivia Nelson (Learning About Grief) talks about nuances and getting specific about grief feelings. Jason Henderson talks about what fatherhood has taught him about beginning to talk to your inner child about grief. Dr. Michael Breus (The Sleep Doctor) talks about sleep chronotypes and where to do a free quiz to find out yours to optimize your life as you honour your grief. Next Jared Tavasolian reminds us of the value of checking in truthfully around movement and stillness. Jenifer Merifield reminds us there is no finish line in grief and gives helpful reminders of navigating support. Ashley Reed reminds us the power of vulnerability and truth when checking in without ourselves and the loss of love we are morning. Pete Craig reminds us about breathing, how cortisol affects our bodies and heart brain coherence benefits. Kayleigh O’Connor (GoodGrief UK) reminds us that defining grief is an ever-changing exercise in the gray space of life. Shelley Paxton (Soulbbatical) talks the value of giving ourselves permission slips to live our life to the fullest and rebel for the life we want within our grief. Charlotte Fowles (The Executive Adventurer) talks about the inner critic and building resilience tools for when it shows up. Rachel Kaplan (The Feelings Movement) reminds us of what to look for in a therapist and what fire can teach us about anger. Patti M. Hall (The Book Alchemist) talks about getting intentional and not using busyness and comparing to others as way to check out. From the future, Dr Mandy Lehto talks about grief being the great equalizer, perfectionism and getting radically honest about burnout. Catherine Hammond (Hopeless) talks about how hope is a wellspring and reminds us to feed our hope monsters. Have you recently searched for grief counseling near me ? Or how long does grief last? You are not alone and we are on this resilience journey together. Looking for words to comfort a grieving friend? Send them this episode filled with grieving quotes. After this highlight reel we drop into a conversation with Mental Health Advocate and Host Kyle Kittleson.

Episode 16: The Swirl of Grief and Mastering Life Transitions with Modern Elder Chip Conley

How do you navigate life's transitions? What is a modern elder? What wisdom do you get from grief and loss? How do I get through the messy middle? What is a mentor/mentee relationship like in grief? How can I tap more into my purpose while grieving? This week we have the privilege to spend some time with my mentor and friend, Rebel hospitality entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author, Chip Conley.

Bonus Episode: Free 15 Minute Grief and Loss Meditation (Bonus Episode) with Author Addison Brasil

Join us for this week's BONUS episode of the grief and mental wellness podcast, as we're joined by author and grief lived experience expert Addison Brasil. In this episode, Addison will guide you through a grief meditation to help you find peace and acceptance in the midst of your grief journey. Whether you've recently experienced a loss or have been dealing with grief for a while, this meditation will help you find a sense of calm and inner strength. You'll learn how to release emotions, find gratitude, and connect with your loved one who has passed away or the loss of something meaningful. This meditation is suitable for anyone who is looking to find some comfort and guidance in their grief. Join the growing community and conversation on grief and mental wellness on Addison's website and social media @addisonbrasil and @sharemygriefclub. Remember to be in a comfortable place and take some time for yourself before beginning this meditation.

Episode 15: Celebrating "First Year of Grief Club" with Story Alchemist Patti M. Hall

The Happy 1st Birthday Book Baby Episode is here! ChatGPT is at capacity right now... so you are stuck with two real people for this special birthday episode celebrating the One Year of Frist Year of Grief Club: A Gift From A Friend Who Gets It. This is a long one, but if you are having one of those grief-y days where you want to feel like you're hanging with friends who get it without leaving your bed... we got you covered. Warning: We get real about grief in 2023 and also laugh a lot. The woman behind the "author man," Patti M Hall, book alchemist, coach, editor, and self-proclaimed midwife of my one-year-old book, joins us today to compete with AI tech and improv acrostic poems, talk grief, oscar movies, book writing, and being living proof that its safe to laugh, cry and be messy.

Episode 14: Grief and Anger: Emotional Potty Training with Rachel Kaplan M.F.T.

Rachel Kaplan, M.F.T. joins us to discuss the importance of emotional potty training and how to navigate anger in a healthy way. Rachel shares her expert insights on recognizing triggers, honoring emotions, and finding safe and healthy ways to express ourselves. Whether you're dealing with anger in your personal or professional life, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to take control of their emotions and improve their overall well-being. Tune in to learn practical tips and strategies for navigating anger and a free hour of emotional potty training. This episode is a deeper dive from Week 10's experiment around healthy ways to feel anger in First Year of Grief Club by Addison Brasil.

Episode 13: Choosing Adventure After Unchosen Grief Adventures with Charlotte Fowles

Learn how to silence your inner critic and overcome grief with Charlotte Fowles, also known as 'The Executive Adventurer.' As an executive coach and keynote speaker, Charlotte shares her expertise on comparison, loss, and the power of choosing adventures in the face of unchosen challenges. With her own experiences of cancer, multiple miscarriages, and severe depression, she is an expert in creating triumph from tragedy and living a successful life. Discover her techniques for mental wellness and the outdoors, and find out how you can join her on the Dive Deeper Retreat. Connect with Charlotte on her website, Instagram, and LinkedIn and join the conversation on mental wellness and grief resilience with author Addison Brasil of First Year of Grief Club."

Episode 12: Resilience, Checking In & Rebelling for Grief with Shelley Paxton 

How do I become more resilient? How often should I check in with myself, my friends, and my team about mental health? What's the difference between wellness and well-being? What is a rebel for resilience? How can I be a grief rebel? What's the best way to check in with yourself and others after a loss? Can you grieve the non-death loss? Am I a rebel? This week we are discussing the power of checking in and how to rebel for resilience with Author and Keynote Speaker Shelley Paxton.Think Brené Brown meets Biker Babe, with a dash of Liz Gilbert. As former Chief Marketing Officer of Harley-Davidson, Shelley Paxton found herself at the top of the proverbial mountain feeling success-EMPTY instead of success-FULL. That awakening led her on a profound journey that became her mission, business, and Simon & Schuster- published bestselling book, Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel's Guide to Finding Your Best Life. She’s leading a REBELution to rewrite the script of success.

Free Guided Heart Brain Coherence Meditation for Grief and Loss (Bonus Episode)

In Episode 10, we were lucky enough to have Pete Craig lead us through a heart brain coherence exercise that we can use in grief club to slow down, align, and connect with joy, gratitude and awe. Many members of Grief Club have been asking if there is a way to just have the free guided meditation as a bonus episode for those moments we need it most. HeartMath or Heart/Brain Coherence Practices as a form of meditation have many benefits, and it can be hard to do alone when dealing with grief and loss. Here's a gift from a couple of friends "who get it."

Episode 11: Getting Real About Gratitude with Good Grief UK's Kayleigh O'Connor

s it possible to feel gratitude while grieving? Why would I be grateful for a loss? What are some strategies for living a full life while grieving? Where can I find group support? Do I need a grief coach? What is the best Instagram accounts for grief? In today's episode, we are joined by a truly conscious creator, lived experience expert, and coach in the grief world. Using the idea of gratitude as a launching point, Addison Brasil and Kayleigh O'Connor (Creator of @goodgrief_uk) go deep on navigating loss in your twenties, finding support, and what employing resilience tools and strategies looks like in grief and everyday life.

Episode 10: Breathing Through Grief and Loss with Pete Craig

How can breathing help with grief? Whats the best breathing excercise to get grounded? Why is breathing such a powerful tool? Does breathing and meditation make your more resilient? What are the most powerful breathing exercises? In todays episode, we dive deep into Breathwork for Grief 101 with a trusted facilitator, advisor and confidant, Pete Craig. Pete is known for being a catalyst for growth, awareness, and the fulfillment of potential. Pete provides insights, guidance, and space to breathe for individual leaders; CEOs, Founders, and organisations seeking balance, perspective, and growth.

Episode 9: Getting Honest About Grief Thoughts and The Ego with Ashley Reed

How does my ego show up in grief? Is there a way to change our thoughts? Is rumination normal during grief? How do I stop thinking so much about my grief? How do I stop judging myself so much? Why am I so focused on the negative? In this episode, we talk to a true friend who gets it, Ashley Reed. Sometimes in early grief, we hear and see a lot of what we don't need, but what we do all need, regardless of success achieved, is someone that supports us in our internal and external growth, helps us see the things we can’t, challenges our reality, pushes and encourages us, and helps us see and access the unlimited potential we possess. And that’s exactly what Ashley does for a living as an executive coach, mentor, and keynote speaker. We talk about the ego, grief, and everything in between.

Episode 8: The Art of (Not) Measuring Your Grief with Deano Sutter

Have I been grieving for too long? How come others aren't as upset as me? How long does grief last? How many stages of grief are there? Why is my sibling so much more emotional than me? How much should you cry? Is measuring helpful to my grief? (Spoiler alert: No!) In today's episode, Addison has a heartfelt conversation inspired by the grief experiment of not measuring from First Year of Grief Club. Joined by LGBTQ Author, Executive Coach, and friend Deano Sutter. This is a digestible chat about mindset, measuring, and grief. Deano opens up about his journey as a gay man, grief, and what inspired him to help others build meaningful and resilient lives regardless of the challenges that come up.

Episode 7: Exploring Grief Resilience with My Mentor & Master Integration Coach Jenifer Merifield

How do you have more positive self-talk? Who can I trust to talk about my grief? What is an affirmation? How can I be kinder to myself in grief? How do I teach people how to treat me in grief? What if you believed anything was possible for you? What is a thrive mindset? In today's episode very special episode, we meet Addison's personal excellence mentor and mastery coach Jenifer Merifield. We dig deep and talk about powerful self-talk, teaching people how to treat you in grief and creating new habits. Much like Addison and Jen's work together as "client and coach," this conversation gives a glimpse into the possibilities of living an extraordinary life even within your grief. This episode's deeper conversation is inspired by Week 3 of First Year Of Grief Club.

Episode 6: The Power of Movement in Grief with Jared Tavasolian

What should I do when I feel stuck? How do I move with my grief? What are the benefits of daily movement? What's one way to get moving every day? Does grief take a toll on us physically? In this episode, we talk to holistic coach Jared Tavasolian, friend and the founder of Heal Strong - which helps busy adults become pain-free, gain energy, and create a life they love without strict diets and long workouts! An honest and in-depth conversation about grief, the power of movement, and recovery for the mind, body, and soul.This episode's deeper conversation is inspired by Week 2 of First Year Of Grief Club.

Episode 5: The Sleep Doctor Talks To Grief Club with Dr. Michael Breus

Does grief affect sleep? Will I ever sleep again? What is normal sleep? How can I sleep naturally? Why is it so hard to sleep since they died? How do I know if I am sleeping too much? What is a sleep chronotype? In this episode, we get a very special visit from Dr. Michael Breus a.k.a. The Sleep Doctor. For many of us, finding time to rest and getting quality sleep becomes an overwhelming concern during a life transition or while grieving the loss of a loved one. Today we talk all things sleep with the Doctor who knows it best. This episode's deeper conversation is inspired by Day 7 of First Year Of Grief Club.

Free Guided Grief and Loss Meditation (Bonus Episode)

In Episode 4, we were lucky enough to have Jason Henderson lead us through a meditation that we can use in grief club to slow down, align, and get grounded. Many members of Grief Club have been asking if there is a way to just have the free guided meditation as a bonus episode for those moments we need it most.Meditation has many benefits, and it can be hard to do alone when dealing with grief and loss. Here's a gift from a couple of friends "who get it."

Episode 4: Explaining Grief To Your (Inner) Child with Jason Henderson

How do you explain grief to a child? What is an inner child? How do I talk to my inner child about grief? Can I sit with my grief in meditation? Where can I find a free meditation right now? In this episode, Jason Henderson, Facilitator, and Co-Founder of The Boulder Man, leads us through a grief meditation we can go back to whenever we need it. Jason chats with us about your Inner Child and plants seeds for beginning to get to know yourself within loss and grief.

Mary Frances O'Connor Grief

Episode 3: The Science of Grief with Mary Frances O'Connor, PhD

You may be asking what is happening to my brain right now? What is the difference between grief and grieving? Why do I feel like my spouse or loved one is going to come home any minute? Will grief ever get any easier?In THE GRIEVING BRAIN: The Surprising Science of How We Learn from Love and Loss (HarperOne) renowned grief expert, neuroscientist, and psychologist Mary-Frances O’Connor, Ph.D., shares groundbreaking discoveries about what happens.

Episode 2: Finding Friends Who Get It with Ashley Olivia Nelson (Learning About Grief)

What can I learn about grief? Why is grief so lonely? Why does it feel like no one gets it? Where can I find other people struggling with grief? What are some grief learning resources for free In this episode, we speak to someone who gives me hope for social media and grief. A go-to friend who gets it is found in Ashley, founder of Learning About Grief.

Episode 1: A Welcome To Grief Club: The Podcast With Addison Brasil

In this intro episode, host and author Addison Brasil lays out what we can expect from Grief Club: The Podcast, some of the “rules” of grief club, and a little of his own story. This will be the only solo episode for now; tune in weekly to hear from friends and experts as Addison takes the ideas in his weekly grief experiments and uses them as a launching point for deeper conversations with other grief friends who get it.