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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Grief Support

For others, grief is something that they choose to share with the world. If you are looking for support during your time of grief, Instagram can be a great place to find it. Many accounts on Instagram offer grief support, and we have compiled a list of 10 of them for you here!

How I Plan to Use Brene Brown's New Book "Atlas of the Heart" in My Grief Resilience Strategy

Here are some thoughts on why you should invest in a copy for yourself and consider adding it your Grief Club resilience toolkits alongside First Year of Grief Club: A Gift From A Friend Who Gets It


Guest Article Written by Addison Brasil

10 Tips to Survive Grief as a Real Person: Community and Support

The death of a loved one is an experience that often brings great upheaval to the lives of those who are left behind. It can be difficult to know where or how to begin coping with this loss, especially when you feel like everyone around you has moved on with their lives. This blog post shares some tips for surviving and maybe even thriving witihin grief as a real person and finding community and support during this time.

10 Oscar Nominated Movies That Deal With Grief in a Powerful Way

From as far back as I remember the magic of being in a dark theater and watching fictional characters navigate real-life situations in a way that made me feel connected and less alone. That moment in a film, where without needing to say anything at all, you take a deep breath and think someone really gets exactly how this feels. Whether it was love, mental health, grief, or the challenges of everyday life, I felt movies were a safe place to explore the big questions and emotions we all experience.