Get Your Copy of First Year of Grief Club: A Gift From A Friend Who Gets It

Addison Brasil is a creator and connector. 

Writer, Keynote Speaker, and Advocate. 

Addison Brasil never had any intention of being a disruptor in the mental health and grief space. In following his own dreams of creating stories that would connect people; his own story forced him to focus full time on surviving trauma, compounded grief and finding himself as a LGTBQ identifying male in his 20’s.
In response, he has worked to share his bestselling book First Year of Grief Club: A Gift From A Friend Who Gets It and is also the host of Grief Club: The Podcast with Addison Brasil.
Addison shows up in the world as an active and committed mental health advocate after finding himself Just to the Left of Death three times during his formative years.  Losing his brother to an inoperable brain tumor, finding his father after suicide, and surviving a fatal accident that killed a dear friend and left him relearning to walk. Attributing his ability to not only survive but thrive with PTSD and compounded grief to the value of community and connection. 
Addison was a Co-founder and Head of Brand Impact for tethr, a worldwide men’s mental health and wellbeing platform focused on the power of peer support. The start-up earned esteem when accelerated as a 500 Global (formely 500 Start Ups) porfilio company in San Francisco during the pandemic. His advocacy efforts and promotion of mental health and grief action has been featured worldwide including in the NY TIMES, Healthline, TMZ, Fox News, and The Washington Post. Addison is currently writing his memoir and speaking about grief. 
Addison has found meaning and purpose in building supportive communities and conscious brands in response to the losses he has faced. With the terminal diagnois of his younger brother, Addison co-founded the Team Brother Bear Foundation in 2008. Today the organization continues to aid children and families affected by brain tumours in memory of his late brother Austin Brasil.
Co-Producer and Executive Producer of the award-winning short film The Great Artist starring Matthew Postlethwaite, Emmy Nominee Rain Valdez, Benjamin Patterson, and Marimar Vega. Directed by Cannes Gold Lion Winner Indrani which screened the American Pavillion in Cannes.
Addison is regularly invited as a guest speaker at events and as a guest for podcasts worldwide to share his story as a lived experience expert. In addition Addison’s writing and work as a contributor have been featured in Los Angeles Magazine, Never Alone Blog, Chip Conley’s Wisdom Well, Daddy’s Digest and more. 
For professional inquiries, email team@conscious-concierge.com